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Classification at scale simplified

Zyla is an API enabled platform powered by machine learning to classify everything your organization needs


THE WORLD’s BEST COMPANIES trust in us to improve their classification efforts.

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We Create
The Easiest
Machine Learning APIs

We develop text, image, voice and video based API’s that use proprietary machine learning algorithms to solve complex problems for the enterprise in a simple way.


Turning data into actionable insights
with machine learning

While companies are collecting more data than ever before, many struggle to figure out what to do with it. We create actionable insights that are derived from raw data analysis.

Use Cases

Zyla vision is to be the preferred API based cloud solutions company that the enterprise consumes to easily solve complex problems.

Content Classification

Zyla Text analyzes a document and returns a list of content categories that apply to the text found in the document.

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Document processing

Zyla Text helps data capturing at scale to reduce document processing costs.

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Customer Profiling

Using Zyla Text you can turn any customer's email or domain into an enriched company profile & industry

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Fraud detection & Web Filtering

Zyla Text classify billions of domains by leveraging advanced machine learning. Our API works analyzing the company's website and classify it into 385+ possible topic categories (IAB V2 standard).

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Classify products into categories

Zyla Image predicts the class of a specific object in an image. The main goal of this technique is to accurately identify the features in an image. A very common use case is to classify real products by categories (brands, used or new products, etc).

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Video moderation

You can use Zyla Video to detect content that is inappropriate, unwanted, or offensive. You can use Zyla Video API in social media and e-commerce situations to create a safer user experience, provide brand safety assurances to advertisers, and comply with local and global regulations.

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Why you should
choose us

At Zyla we are on a journey to build The Classification Cloud. We’ve assembled a world class team of engineers that are working on solving some of the most complex classification issues. We’re customer centric and focus on solving for big use cases with elegant solutions. Get in touch if you’re intrigued.

  • Best in class data quality and coverage
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